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APC / Lisbon Ensemble 20/21 - CALL FOR SCORES

The Lisbon Ensemble 20/21 announce the results of the first Call for Scores, happening nationally with the objective of selecting works that will be interpreted by the Lisbon Ensemble 20/21, during the 2018/2019 season:

1. Composers:

Hugo Vasco Reis - Transparent[e]
João Pedro Oliveira - Tensão-Deformação

Nuno Figueiredo - Sofiando

Ricardo Ribeiro - In Limine

Virgílio Melo - A Glimpse into the Holy Darkness

2. Students:
 As the Lisbon Ensemble 20/21 received very few works from students, he decided to select and perform them all in its pursuit to promote younger generation of Portuguese composers.






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