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IpC - Luís Gomes

Intérpretes para Compositores

The IpC Project, Seminars on Sec. XX and XXI is back already next Saturday, October 26, with the clarinetist Luís Gomes that takes place in the premises of the Nossa Senhora do Cabo Music School (EMNSC), starting at 10 am.

In addition to this advisor, this year we were privileged to see our invitation to the Seminars accepted by:

Jorge Alves (Viola de Arco - 30/11/2019)
Henrique Portovedo (Saxophone - 01/25/2020)

Ana Telles (Piano - 03/28/2020)

Filipe Coelho (Trumpet - 05/23/2020)

Filipe Quaresma (Cello - 07/04/2020)

10h-13h: Presentation of techniques on the instrument
13h-14.30h: Lunch (included in the registration fee)
14.30h-16h: Presentation of techniques and repertoire
16.30h-20h: Reading and Experimenting with Participants
8.30 pm: Dinner (included in the registration fee)

The registration leaflet is already available on our website, or for more information through:

Note: there is a limit of 20 registrations per session. In these 20 registrations, there is also a limit of 5 Participants - category that provides for sending materials for experimentation and reading. If the number of entries exceeds this number, the materials to be worked will be at the discretion of the invited Interpreter.
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