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MUSIVUS Eduardo Patriarca / Nuno Aroso

Music today on the first and second person

mūsīvus, a, um, adj. musa, de ou da pertença das musas, artístico
—Como subst.: mūsīvum, i, n., = μουσεῖον, trabalho em mosaico, mosaico

Project MUSIVUS, Associação Portuguesa de Compositores promoted activity in association with Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores, returns in the end of this month, with a new format, once the period of confinement required is over.
The theme of these sessions focuses the work of an invited composer to be discussed and performed by an invited performer.

The main objective of this project is to create a perspective dialogue between creation and interpretation of contemporary vanguard music. At the end of the session, the performer will present the discussed work.

As an activity promoted by the Portuguese Association of Composers (APC), project MUSIVUS proposes to divulge contemporary vanguard music, both in its compositional and interpretative component, focusing particularly on Portuguese music. In this sense, the project offers to a broadpublic the possibility to contact with the intimate reality both of the creation process of vanguard music and the multiplicity of processes involved in the interpretation of recently created works.

With new challenges posed by the global pandemic, APC decided to extend the project to other Portuguese cities where the Composer is mainly active. Therefor the third session of the fifth cycle of this project will take place in Vila do Conde next 30th June, at 21 p.m., Live Streaming, with the presence of the Composer Eduardo Patriarca who will be talking with the percussionist player Nuno Aroso, around the work “Mayahana” - “Kōdō”, for a suspended cymbal, incense and Live Electronics, world premiered.






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