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MUSIVUS Luís Tinoco / André Dias com participação especial de Hugo Romano Guimarães

Music today on the first and second person

mūsīvus, a, um, adj. musa, de ou da pertença das musas, artístico
—Como subst.: mūsīvum, i, n., = μουσεῖον, trabalho em mosaico, mosaico

Project MUSIVUS returns for a new cycle, already on the end of January, presenting, on an informal context,  a conversation between a composer and a performer. This  Cycle, like the first, counts with four sessions that will take place at Auditorium Maestro Frederico de Freitas, at the Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores, in Av. Duque de Loulé, 31, Lisbon, on Tuesdays, twice a month.

The theme of these sessions focuses the work of an invited composer to be discussed and performed by an invited performer promoting a perspective dialogue between creation and interpretation of contemporary vanguard music.





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